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A, function is introduced and use

1、6165金沙总站 登录平台照明配电箱是按电气接线要求将开关设备、测量仪表、保护电器和辅助设备组装在封闭或半封闭金属柜中或屏幅上,构成低压配电装置。正常运行时可借助手动或自动开关接通或分断电路。故障或不正常运行时借助保护电器切断电路或报警。借测量仪表可显示运行中的各种参数,还可对某些电气参数进行调整,对偏离正常工作状态进行提示或发出信号。常用于各发、配、变电所中。

1, distribution box is according to the wiring requirements will switch equipment, measuring instrument, protect appliances and auxiliary equipment assembly in closed or metal cabinet or BingFu semi-closed, constitute a low voltage switchgears. Normal operation can be realized by manual or automatic switch or points off circuit. Fault or not normal operation with protection electric circuit or cut off the police. By measuring instrument can display the operation of the various parameters, but also some electrical parameters adjustment, from normal working state to tip or signal. Often used for each hair, distribution, substation.


2, distribution box USES: reasonable distribution of electric energy, convenient operation of the circuit switching. A higher level of security protection, can intuitive display circuit conduction state. Easy to management, and when something circuit fault when to overhaul.

随着石油、化工、矿业等产业的飞速发展,6165金沙总站 登录平台照明配电箱的使用越来越广泛,品种越来越多。在爆炸性气体危险场所里如何防止配电箱事故性爆炸的发生已经成为十分重要的课题。由于配电箱在工作时不可避免地产生电火花,它们一旦与场所内爆炸性气体混合物相遇,就会导致爆炸事故的发生,直接危及国家财产和公民的生命安全。因此,它的6165金沙总站 登录平台技术问题早已引起了人们的普遍关注和高度重视。

With oil, chemicals, mining and the rapid development of industry, the use of distribution box is more and more extensive, breed more and more. In explosive gas in how to prevent dangerous area distribution box accident sex bang has become a very important topic. Because the work distribution box inevitably electric rods, they once and in places with explosive air mixture meet, and will lead to an explosion accident, directly endanger national property and civil life and safety. Therefore, it has caused the explosion technology people general attention and high attention.


Second, suitable for:


1, 1 division, 2 division dangerous places.

2、ⅡA、ⅡB IIC类爆炸性气体环境。 注:要求IIC类货户外使用时请注明.

2, Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B IIC kind of explosive gases. Note: requirements of outdoor use IIC goods please indicate the.


Three, product features:


1. The shell of ZL102 aluminum alloy with die casting or steel welding forming, electric static spraying the surface high pressure, with stainless steel exposed fasteners, product appearance.


2. The design is excellent, safety is easy to use, I the free provides a years maintenance


3. The drawings can be provided by your company, or by my company to manufacture.

4.6165金沙总站 登录平台照明配电箱采用复合型,模块结构,各回路可根据需要自由组装,一般开关箱采用隔爆型结构,母线箱及出线箱采用增安型结构.

4. The complex, module structure, each loop can be according to need to free assembly, general switch box adopts flameproof structure, mother and out the kit is included as standard kit is included as standard is the structure of increasing Ann.


5. Inner components according to user requirement high or molded case circuit breaker installation type circuit breaker. If DZ47, C65, CM1, etc.


6. But according to request, such as the surge protector, ammeter, voltmeter and so on, can match the padlock metal handles.

7. 适用于照明和动力线路,具有分断、过载、失压保护和短路自动切断功能,钢管或电缆布线均可.

7. Used in lighting and power lines, with points break, overload, pressure loss and short circuit protection auto-cutting function, steel pipe or cable wiring.


8. Meet GB3836-2000, IEC60079 standard requirements.


Four, the points for attention: (product orders, should provide the following documents)


1, the first system diagram.


2, distribution box plane arrangement figure.


3, each the equipment list (including type, specification, quantity).


4, and normal conditions of use is not special requirements.


以上是6165金沙总站 登录平台照明配电箱的主要信息,所提供参考图片为实物拍摄,还可根据用户的具体要求来订做,标注的价格并不能作为最终交易价格,请在订购时与我企业销售人员沟通说明。在您购买我企业6165金沙总站 登录平台产品前请与我企业销售人员联系,了解清楚该产品的具体参数。因为6165金沙总站 登录平台产品的型号繁多,所以在购买前一定要确认好型号,以免引起不必要的麻烦。
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